Questions ask about removalists

We strive to clarify some common questions you might have about Full House Removals! For more queries, check out our FAQs or give us a call!
Our main of starting this platform is to provide safe relocation to the current and future residents of Melbourne. So we focus on listing only the reliable and trustworthy relocation companies on our platform who have a good history of providing satisfactory relocation services. When you use our platform to find the right removalists for your move in Melbourne, you will only get the best movers in this area who fit your needs.
First, please have a look at our form to know all the basic information you need to provide. If you have any more criteria that the removalists have to match against, then you can contact us separately and let us know the specifications. We will go ahead and search for the removalists who satisfies all the needs you specified.
No, not at all. Our platform is completely free to use for all the people looking to find a mover. You will get our recommendations free of cost. As we list the best removalists on a lead basis, we don’t charge anything from the users who get benefited from our platform.
Yes, we sure can. Just fill in the details in the form with the from and to address of the relocation and we will match with the local removalists who are experts at your required services. If you are more specific about hiring movers who are local to a particular area in Melbourne, then please do write to us and we’ll take care of the rest.
To start with, you will fill in a form asking for the details of your move like the addresses, the type of relocation service you are looking for, the date of the move, the volume of things you need to relocate and so on. With these details, we will match it with the hundreds of removal companies in our database, get the best quotes for your services and send the top quotes along with the removal companies to you.
You will get the list of the recommended removalists in Melbourne in 24 to 48 hours, no matter if it’s a holiday or a working day. We strive to send you the details as soon as possible so that you can get around to hiring the best among them.
We only send you some of the best deals for the removal companies according to your needs. However, we are not partial towards any of these removalists and therefore, cannot help you in shortlisting a removalist from the recommendations we provide. We advise you to do your own research among the few movers you have, talk to them and find out the one that feels the more relevant and reliable.
We value the satisfaction of our users greatly and that’s why we take extra care in choosing the movers. But, we are not responsible in any way with your experience of the removalists you choose from us. Any agreement and service-related issues are strictly between you and the removal service provider. We urge you to look at online reviews of the removalists before you hire them to avoid such issues.
Yes, we can. When filling out the form with your specifications, make sure to fill in the commercial move or industrial move with the usual volumes of the relocations. We can match you with many removalists who provide such services along with their quotes. For regular relocation needs, you can call a few of them, inquire about their availability and strike a good deal.
Once you fill a form, you cannot change the details. If there are any changes in the details, then you can fill out a new form with the modified specifications and send it to us. We will send you our list of recommended removalists with their best quotes to you.
We don’t bombard with lots of calls or emails. All we are going to send is just one single email with the list of our recommendations. After that, you don’t have to worry about getting random automated emails or calls from us.
No, not at all. Once we send you the list of removalists, we don’t engage or participate in any communication between you and the removal services. So, all your dealings with the chosen removalist will be directly between you and the company and we do not interfere in any of that.